Offering a design that will meet the challenging working conditions of the business life and at the same time enhance the brand value with its stylish visuality, offices are the common desire of all employers today. The interior architects, who have the difficulty of doing this by thinking double-sided while trying to meet the requests of their customers, try to meet all the requests within the determined budget, which is not easy. The interior architect, who tries to make functional design solutions that will increase work efficiency in both office design projects, to meet both the most economical application options and aesthetic expectations, designs by considering the potential customers in the job interviews as much as possible.
Not all office designs, which have visual features that may affect their interlocutors, do not mean that a functional environment is created to facilitate the daily work of the company employees. Although it looks stylish, it does not matter how stylish the offices actually seem to decrease the work efficiency with the difficulties it brings to the employees from storage to use. In some office designs, the interior architect focuses all his attention on the work of the employees in a comfortable environment, this time with ordinary looking, boring places with no visual appeal for customers. Today, office environments are becoming more and more similar, and in some offices, even the same accessories and office furniture that are accustomed to the same place can be encountered. Stand out from ordinary and boring,
It is very important that interior architects, who need to change their thoughts to meet their customers’ expectations rather than trying to apply their customers one to one, sign designs that combine functionality and visuality. In company-specific designs, if company-specific works are carried out, from light transitions to color contrasts, a company-specific visual can be created that is free from imitation, and this venue can also respond to all the needs of the employees. Of course, while waiting for the interior designer to do all this, it is also important for the employers to be a little flexible and to enter realistic expectations, especially by looking at the budget that the architect is asked to manage.

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